not on the pitch, but online and in the office. 
A very different game.
Yet the need to shoulder responsibility… 
lead by example
communicate well
inspire a team
…are all very much the same. 

People’s time.
It’s the most important thing we manage. 
Meetings can wait.
Lunch should not.
Bath, story and dinnertime are top on everyone’s agenda. 

Have a plan. 
Think timezones. 
Invite only who need inviting. 
Empower those invited to respectfully decline…
keep cameras turned off if they want to
and drop off if they’re not adding value. 
It’s not rude. 
Efficient is good. 
Talking face-to-face is great. 
Does the world really need another G chat? 

Let’s embrace being back to normal.
Make the new normal, less formal. 
Get bums off seats.
Grab a coffee.
Walk and talk. 
But please… do not swear. 

We work in football.
However, this is not the locker room. 
Take a time out. 
Take your team out. 
Encourage them to take 10.
Play 5-a-side.
Run, walk, stretch, meditate. 
And be mindful. 

We wear the armband. 
It’s time to lead by example