Las Vegas Lights

Jose Bautista on running a soccer club in a city reinventing itself around sports and swapping marketing stunts for success on the pitch


Las Vegas is always reinventing itself, and right now, it's focused on becoming the home of sports. Having recently hosted the Super Bowl, Vegas is now home to the Las Vegas Knights (NHL), the Raiders (NFL) and will soon welcome the Oakland Athletics (MLB). And that's without mentioning F1, boxing or college sports out of UNLV.

Before any of these major franchises, the Las Vegas Lights was one of only a few sports teams in the city, but it was known more for its outlandish stunts than for being a credible team.

We spoke to the new owner of the Las Vegas Lights and MLB six-time All-Star, Jose Bautista, about his plans for the Lights and what it's like running a club in Las Vegas as more major teams move in.


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