INDIVISA launches grassroots football initative with KitLocker

Footballco’s women’s football media brand, INDIVISA, has launched Team INDIVISA, a collective of grassroots women’s football teams that INDIVISA will work with to support the teams’ growth and wider grassroots football and provide insight and talent for brand partners.

INDIVISA was created by Footballco to cover and support grassroots women’s football, as well as covering the elite side of the women’s game. This has included showcasing teams through INDIVISA social channels and creating grassroots tournaments.

Team INDIVISA amplifies the brand’s support for grassroots football, empowering teams with the opportunity to create content that is crossposted through INDIVISA’s social channels, in-line with the brand’s social calendar. Teams are not just offered support by the brand’s social media team, but also helped to grow their own channels, making them an integral part of the initiative.

As part of joining Team INDIVISA, teams are given the opportunity to create their own bespoke kit, which is sponsored by INDIVISA and provided through a unique partnership with Kitlocker.

Kitlocker has a long-standing history of supporting grassroots, community and purpose-led organisations through sport. They are strategic brand partners with Nike, who utilise the brand's jerseys to create unique designs that perfectly capture the identity of clubs.

With more brands seeing the importance of grassroots women’s football and the sport's increased visibility, INDIVISA offers partner teams the opportunity to join a list of preferred club partners, which is shared with brands and agencies looking to feature grassroots teams in their campaigns.

Brands are also given the opportunity to engage with Team INDIVISA clubs to better understand fans of women’s football and those who play the game.

Head of INDIVISA, Morgan Brennan, said: “Supporting the growth of women’s grassroots football is a key reason for INDIVISA’s existence and as a manager of a grassroots team and a player myself, I understand the importance it plays in the women’s game. It is integral to growing the sport and provides a valuable and safe space for players.

“‘I’m proud that Team INDIVISA supports its teams, but I’m looking forward to helping our many brand partners connect with and authentically showcase the players they look to reach with their campaigns.”

Oli Brierley, marketing manager for Kitlocker, said: "Shirt culture, creativity, identity, design and technology have all moved on in the last couple of years, with clubs at a grassroots level wanting to emulate the shirts worn by professional clubs across the world.

“Along with INDIVISA, we've built a process and network for clubs across the UK to turn their ideas into reality, with bespoke shirt designs encapsulating the identity and purpose of the many incredible organisations we support. We always have, and always will, be committed to unlocking the identity of clubs, growing participation and encouraging a healthy lifestyle through the power of sport.”

In the future, teams that have created their kits through the KitLocker partnership will have the opportunity to sell them through the INDIVISA online store, with the teams taking a share of the revenue generated.

Teams that made the first draft of Team INDIVISA include: Bayern Munchies WFC (London), bigkickenergyc (London), Skipton Ladies (Leeds), Power YG - FC NOISE (Medellín, Colombia), Penny Lane FC (Liverpool), Black Footy Babes (London), Badgers FC (Cape Town, South Africa), and NY Magic FC (New York).

Joanie Eaton, Captain of London-based ILY FC said: “ILY FC was born out of the love we have for football and the love we have for one another. We wanted to partner with people who really embodied inclusivity and equality, as well as understanding the journey of women in football and the steps needed to push the profile of the game even further

“With Team Indivisa, we feel like an integral part of an exciting and important community and want to be a part of that for future generations playing the sport.”


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